The gift for screenwriters


I met with FutureLearn about half an year ago. There I did a course called as Start Writing Fiction. I took it immediately even though it was of full 8 weeks because 1. I was free, and 2. I was going through a dark period of writing typically known as ‘Writer’s Block’ and I really wanted to push light upon that weird writing capability of mine. That was not really my first online course but that surely was the first one which I completed and simply, I loved it.

I met a lot of various writers going through various stages of writing with a lot many ideas which shook my mind upside-down. I was like: Arooha! Where the hell have you been all this time?! I mean I felt like a really really small fish in the middle of the whole big ocean with big fishes. But all those big fishes were also beautiful fishes because they wanted me to live and so they enlightened me with hope and clapped as I gave a shot to swimming.

Well, I am not talking about Start Writing Fiction now. You can go the link above and see for yourself what it has to offer. If I felt like I’ll share my experience some other time but, for now, I want to talk about another course on FutureLearn which you can apply for as soon as you read this. It is named as  An Introduction to Screenwriting offered by University of East Anglia. Go to the link, sign up for free, and apply for free. If you want a certificate as a record you need to pay but it’s a choice. Luckily, it is only a 2 week course needing 3-4 hours per week. It started this previous Monday but I could get time today only to study for it and I realized that this course is a gem for screenwriters. The thought which followed that realization was to share it with people whom I could reach. So, here I am…


It is not an easy one but a really interesting one. This course have four great educators who are screenwriters also; plus, there are many students through whom you can learn a lot. Screenwriting is completely different from what we call novel writing or short story writing. The course has to present a lot of brand new material, several videos, and a few activities to get you going. Umm… let me give you an example of an activity:

The educators shared a website named as BlackList where there were 100 written scripts for free download of the films which have been released. They asked us to choose one script of a film which we have watched and one of a film which we haven’t yet watched. We had to read a few pages of both the scripts and analyse them comparatively. Later we had to answer a few of the questions which were about what we felt like and what we gained etcetera etcetera…

I am having a great time learning there; I hope you too find it useful. Those who are not interested in Fiction or Screenwriting can still browse through FutureLearn and find the course of their choice as there are thousand of courses and many fields of study proposed by various renowned universities of the world  on the platform of FutureLearn.

So, Happy learning, good readers! 🙂