Belletristica – The Solution for Readers and Writers.


Do you like to read books? Would you rather like to write one yourself? Do you want to listen to stories and share your works with other people, who love writing as much as yourself?

The Solution is here: Belletristica

Belletristica is a magnificent platform for book lovers and a great starting point for budding authors. If you ever run out of new stories to read, but you find yourself craving for one, this web-app offers you many enjoyable novels as well as short stories or poems of any genre you prefer – from romance to crime and many more in between.

When you like to read books, chances are good that you also love to write them. Whether you are just starting your career or have already established yourself as a professional novelist, Belletristica offers you a wondrous initiative regarding this. This website lets you write whatever you want whether it is a story, poem, or anything else, while the community keeps you engaged and motivated. Your work doesn’t need to be perfect by the time you publish it either, because you can edit your stories at any given time, and the feedback from the community helps a lot.

Another unique feature, which Belletristica offers is audio books. Yes, you read that right! You can not only read or write stories via this website but you can read them aloud to your audience, and listen to the tales of others. This feature is very enjoyable.

Belletristica is a whole community consisting of dedicated readers and writers, and everyone is welcome to comment and give positive and healthy feedback on the works of others and share their own works with other Belletristicans. This supportive feature helps you get better and better at writing.

Additionally, this website presents you with many gamification elements, like collecting Fairy Dust for nearly every action, which will allow you to step up from one level to another, or like medals as rewards for your achievements as a pack of encouragement.

Belletristica isn’t all just about reading and writing but also about community. The chat offers space for all kinds of activities, such as recommending books to each other, or your favorite writing music. Readers and writers can also become good friends through this friendly platform by indulging in quality discussions or by private messaging. Sometimes you don’t want to write a book, poem, or an article but you have a good thought to share, good news is, you can! And if you are having any kind of problem you can get support from the community and even directly from the developers and everyone is invited to tell their opinions and wishes for future updates.

Besides all of that, Belletristica runs a blog which contains all the things which might be helpful to the members of the community like interviews with famous writers like K.M Weiland, tips and techniques for readers and writers for their improvement, and motivation material which keeps the writers moving. Oh, and everything is optimized for mobile devices too.

This is Belle, the mascot fairy of Belletristica.

To give you a good overview over what’s happening, Belle provides you with your very own advanced dashboard, which helps you remain updated and on track. You are allowed to link other websites, accounts and projects of yours directly within your Belletristica profile, and you can upgrade it even more by adding your profile picture and a few words about yourself.

All in all, Belletristica is a highly inclusive community full of unbiased, friendly and open-minded people, as well as approachable developers who are very invested to make it even better.

I recommend you try it out sometime, and I hope you enjoy the journey.


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