All you have

A few weeks ago a friend of mine lost her father. Then the televisions were airing the death news of young Sheyhla Baloch. Yet, the impulse to write this blog came at the unexpected death of the mother of another friend of mine.

I cried, I don’t know why. Maybe because my plan to eat ice-cream with her didn’t come true or rather because I was scared to lose my own mum. I also saw mine death close, lurking around me with each breath I took.

A realization hit then: All the goals and dreams are vague, including the very-next-moment-plans. You do not even own the next breath of yours, let alone your future or those you love.

Then whoops! I panicked.

But problems do have solutions and so it came as easily as a dream: MOMENT.this-moment


Judging our nature of desire to possess everything, God hasn’t made us all powerless after all. He has given us something – this moment, this very moment when you are reading this.

Don’t hold back: do what is important to you; say what must be said; dance; feel; love; live. Just stop looking forward to the mirage of tomorrow; it’s all today, now.

When you do this, death will become a friend – a sound blessing because if there would have been no death people would have been too lazy to do anything and also, a little too cruel. So, thanks to the solicitous God.

This moment is all yours to embrace. Once you do this, embracing death would be no big deal.

(May those whom death have engulfed rest in peace and may those who are still being seduced by life live healthy and happy. Amen.)