A Thought on Women’s Day

A few days ago, I read a news on Daily Mail that a person spent a fortune to get his genitals removed to be a genderless alien for the sake of eradicating gender discrimination. Then, Emma Watson, who, besides being an actress, is also a feminist, got a photo shoot for Vanity Fair in which she exposed her boobs and the world started talking if she could be entertained as a serious feminist or not, because to them feminism is not acknowledging yourself as a woman but someone who fights for equality. Blah.

Feminism is heading towards a dark end but we do have some good examples of women fighting for their gender like Muniba Mazari, Maya Angelou, and well, I also like Emma Watson.

I used to be so concerned about such news but today I decided that there’s no need to be because I live in Pakistan, a country which is way behind deciding if what that person did was right or wrong or if Emma Watson should be called a feminist after she showed her boobs.

Pakistan is still fighting with fathers who don’t let their daughters study, who don’t let them step out of their houses, who don’t let them fall in love with a boy… The brothers and the husbands are the same. Wait! Did I forget to mention that this shit which they call ‘protection of their women’ is just for their own women? They hardly leave a chance to enjoy somebody’s else women.

But I am actually sparing men. Today, I am writing to blame women.

A few days ago, some girls started sharing a series of photos on Facebook in which they kind of confessed that they are weaker than men and that they enjoy it. Those posts were calling against gender equality saying that men have stopped caring for women because women have started trying to equal them which is bad for women. Again, blah!

As an example, this is one of those clueless photos:


Translation: I like to not compete men and stay a step weaker than them. 


When asked, they say it’s in Quran. End of Topic. Well, this is that verse which they talk about:

Men are meant (to be righteous and kind) guardians of women because He (God) has favored some more than others and because they (men) spend out of their wealth. (An-Nisa: 34)

It doesn’t say men are stronger or women are weaker. This verse is just pointing out the responsibility of men that they have to protect and spend on their women. How ironic is this that non-Muslims hates Islam because of this verse since they think it is so against women and Muslim men keep their women under them and Muslim women are either happy to stay submissive or stand secretly or proudly against this verse and no women has ever cheered that God has asked men to spend on their women and there is not a single verse asking women to spend their money on men or even their kids. Their money is all theirs! They can spend it anywhere they want! (Oops! I ran a bit away from the real topic.)

I believe it is the time when women of Pakistan, actually all Muslim women around the globe, start standing for themselves knowing that their religion is not a hindrance but a power. And those women who are not Muslim, come on! we are all together in this quest. We are one. So, this day listen to some good women songs (I personally like Ain’t no man   by Angaleena Presley *wink*), eat some good food, and know that you are no less. After all, women empowerment or gender equality is not about being broad-shouldered, killing men, or stop acknowledging your body, it is about having equal opportunities and changing the world along with men.

So, stay blessed and shove some sense into you. Happy International Women’s Day!




One thought on “A Thought on Women’s Day”

  1. You raised some really good points. 🙂 I’d also like to add that often the Quranic translations that we rely on must be taken with caution, as it may have the baggage of the translator himself.


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