A Thought on Women’s Day

A few days ago, I read a news on Daily Mail that a person spent a fortune to get his genitals removed to be a genderless alien for the sake of eradicating gender discrimination. Then, Emma Watson, who, besides being an actress, is also a feminist, got a photo shoot for Vanity Fair in which she exposed her boobs and the world started talking if she could be entertained as a serious feminist or not, because to them feminism is not acknowledging yourself as a woman but someone who fights for equality. Blah.

Feminism is heading towards a dark end but we do have some good examples of women fighting for their gender like Muniba Mazari, Maya Angelou, and well, I also like Emma Watson.

I used to be so concerned about such news but today I decided that there’s no need to be because I live in Pakistan, a country which is way behind deciding if what that person did was right or wrong or if Emma Watson should be called a feminist after she showed her boobs.

Pakistan is still fighting with fathers who don’t let their daughters study, who don’t let them step out of their houses, who don’t let them fall in love with a boy… The brothers and the husbands are the same. Wait! Did I forget to mention that this shit which they call ‘protection of their women’ is just for their own women? They hardly leave a chance to enjoy somebody’s else women.

But I am actually sparing men. Today, I am writing to blame women.

A few days ago, some girls started sharing a series of photos on Facebook in which they kind of confessed that they are weaker than men and that they enjoy it. Those posts were calling against gender equality saying that men have stopped caring for women because women have started trying to equal them which is bad for women. Again, blah!

As an example, this is one of those clueless photos:


Translation: I like to not compete men and stay a step weaker than them. 


When asked, they say it’s in Quran. End of Topic. Well, this is that verse which they talk about:

Men are meant (to be righteous and kind) guardians of women because He (God) has favored some more than others and because they (men) spend out of their wealth. (An-Nisa: 34)

It doesn’t say men are stronger or women are weaker. This verse is just pointing out the responsibility of men that they have to protect and spend on their women. How ironic is this that non-Muslims hates Islam because of this verse since they think it is so against women and Muslim men keep their women under them and Muslim women are either happy to stay submissive or stand secretly or proudly against this verse and no women has ever cheered that God has asked men to spend on their women and there is not a single verse asking women to spend their money on men or even their kids. Their money is all theirs! They can spend it anywhere they want! (Oops! I ran a bit away from the real topic.)

I believe it is the time when women of Pakistan, actually all Muslim women around the globe, start standing for themselves knowing that their religion is not a hindrance but a power. And those women who are not Muslim, come on! we are all together in this quest. We are one. So, this day listen to some good women songs (I personally like Ain’t no man   by Angaleena Presley *wink*), eat some good food, and know that you are no less. After all, women empowerment or gender equality is not about being broad-shouldered, killing men, or stop acknowledging your body, it is about having equal opportunities and changing the world along with men.

So, stay blessed and shove some sense into you. Happy International Women’s Day!




All you have

A few weeks ago a friend of mine lost her father. Then the televisions were airing the death news of young Sheyhla Baloch. Yet, the impulse to write this blog came at the unexpected death of the mother of another friend of mine.

I cried, I don’t know why. Maybe because my plan to eat ice-cream with her didn’t come true or rather because I was scared to lose my own mum. I also saw mine death close, lurking around me with each breath I took.

A realization hit then: All the goals and dreams are vague, including the very-next-moment-plans. You do not even own the next breath of yours, let alone your future or those you love.

Then whoops! I panicked.

But problems do have solutions and so it came as easily as a dream: MOMENT.this-moment


Judging our nature of desire to possess everything, God hasn’t made us all powerless after all. He has given us something – this moment, this very moment when you are reading this.

Don’t hold back: do what is important to you; say what must be said; dance; feel; love; live. Just stop looking forward to the mirage of tomorrow; it’s all today, now.

When you do this, death will become a friend – a sound blessing because if there would have been no death people would have been too lazy to do anything and also, a little too cruel. So, thanks to the solicitous God.

This moment is all yours to embrace. Once you do this, embracing death would be no big deal.

(May those whom death have engulfed rest in peace and may those who are still being seduced by life live healthy and happy. Amen.)

Enlightening Flip flops.

flip flops

I bought a pair of flip flops from a nearby mart a week ago because the old ones were of no use anymore. It was over fit then and I wondered if buying it was a mistake but, like with every other footwear, I assured myself that it will loosen soon.

As I wore it today morning I smiled as I realized it had slacken a bit and it was easier to wear it now, plus comfortable. I moved, unintentionally, towards the wall mirror and inspected my feet which looked lovely in that greenly-pink pair of watermelon flip flops.

This occurred to me then. We love things more when they expand enough to fit us because only then they can be entirely useful. Just like things are the people; the bigger their hearts are the more comfort and love they offer and receive.

Ready, Set, Go, For Ramadan!

The game of emotions is on: the good side scoring high and sometimes the devil is standing on the pinnacle of our hearts. So, depending upon our activities, we feel happy, sometimes excited, sometimes scared or lazy about the upcoming month.

Today is the time to rethink and make our hearts stable to do good so that we can reap the benefits of Ramadan; to reap the benefits of anything we need two things: 1. Knowledge (about that thing) and 2. Planning.

As Muslims, we must know that Fasting in Ramadan was made obligatory upon us when the verse 185 of the 2nd chapter (Al-Baqarah) was revealed. This month is the month of blessings and mercy, of compassion and charity, of Qur’an and supplications, of focus and principles, of care and kindness, of piety and patience, this month is the month of standing in front of Allah and of seeking forgiveness for all the past sins, this month is for nourishing the soul and become closer to The Creator. If done everything with the upright intention then we will be able to fully achieve the gifts this month has to shower.

Why for attaining all these things we have been asked to deprive ourselves from food? Why the Taraveeh has been asked to offer in night and not in day; why have we been asked to sleep less? Why has God asked us to not indulge ourselves in sexual relationship while fasting? Because these are all bodily needs. This month is striving for our souls which have become thirsty. Staying away from the needs of our bodies will not only teach our messy souls to be disciplined but will also make our bodies trained and minds focused.

We realize that it’s not devil but us who have turned into devils because the Satan is chained in this month. On the same time God reassures us, according to a Hadith, that the gates of hell are closed and the gates of heaven and mercy are opened so that we can seek forgiveness for what we have become.

There is no good deed equivalent to that of fasting and it has no suggested but infinite reward. It is like a shield from all bad deeds and so from Hell-fire. There is a very special door to enter paradise for those who fast in Ramadan which is called as ‘Al-Rayan’ and those who’ll enter from it will never be thirsty. Even the bad breath of the fasting person is appreciated for Allah considers it more pleasing than the smell of musk. The reward of every good deed increases boundlessly in this month, the rain of blessings keep pouring from the skies, and our prayers are listened. The eating of Suhoor and Iftar becomes a gift, a blessing, a pleasure, and gratitude.

So to avail all these presents after knowing the significances of this we need to plan for it. First of all, we need to be happy so that we can welcome it as we should; we need to be aware of it as much as we can and we must tell about it to others. We must complete all the extra worldly works which can distract us in Ramadan like the cleaning of our homes, the Eid shopping… We also have to prepare a To-Do list of the worships we will do in this month like fixing the amount and days of charity, helping moms in preparing suhoor and iftars, the recitation of Qur’an… Another To-Do list can be made for the bad habits we want to leave and the good habits we want to get into.

Remember that Ramadan is like a guest who brings us happiness, love and, gifts. So, we must welcome it warm-heartedly and do whatever we can to make our God happy. The companions of Prophet (P.B.U.H) used to cry with happiness when Ramadan came and used to cry out of sadness when Ramadan left.

May Allah bless and forgive all the Muslims in this Ramadan. May we, the Muslims, not disappoint our beloved Provider. Amen. 

Ramadan Mubarak! 🙂 

Apropos to the CII’s Bill of Women Protection

Habiba (Radhi Allahu Taala Anha) was married to Saad bin Rabee (Radhi Allahu taala Anhu). Once they got into a fight and Rabee (R.A) slapped Habiba (R.A). She straight went to her father and complained him; her father got angry instantly and accompanied her to Prophet to complain to him about Rabee (R.A). Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) listened to Habiba’s father and said, “Habiba has right to slap Rabee as hard as Rabee has slapped her.”

They were both on their way back home when Gabriel (A.S) came to reveal these words of Allah to Prophet (P.B.U.H):

 Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has bestowed one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them to guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.  (Verse: 34, Chapter: 04 – Al-Nisa)

Prophet hurriedly requested someone to call them and asked Habiba not to take revenge from her husband. As Habiba was a righteous woman, she obeyed Prophet Muhammad and did not slap her husband back.

Later, husbands became cruel and started beating their wives more often and more harshly. Then, all the women took complain of their husbands to Prophet (P.B.U.H). To hear such a thing, Prophet got angry and said, “Listen! The voice of women has reached me! Remember that those men who beat women are not good ones.”

In the succeeding time, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) told the nature of women and asked men to be kind and humble with them for a successful and beloved relationship. He also advised men not to hate their wives because of any unpleasant habit of theirs but rather be pleased by acknowledging the other good habits they possess. While delivering the last sermon Prophet (P.B.U.H) ordered men again to treat their women kindly. Furthermore, he told men that they have rights over women and women too have rights over them.

If we go through history and learn about the marital lifestyle of Muhammad (P.B.U.H) we realize that he was always kind with his wives. How could he hit his wives when he never once raised his voice against them? Factly, no messenger of God ever hit any woman.

We witness quite a polarity in between Qur’an, the words of God, and Hadith, the words of Prophet taught to him by God. This difference is confusing in the beginning but beautiful when we start understanding the essence of both. Qur’an is like a fire burning and Hadith is like the rain lashing out on that fire.

We will find a lawful strictness with the hint of idealized kindness in the tune of Qur’an because those are the words of the King of all the worlds. On the other side Hadith has moderated all the punishments and facilitated all the orders of God while maintaining a certain limit according to the needs of human beings so that they neither forsake God due to his fear nor take Him too easy.

Our duty is to understand what God wants from us regarding this issue; he doesn’t want us to consider the marriage life as a game. We need to understand the fragility of this relation and do whatever we can to protect it like a mother protects her baby because the roots of a strong nation are based on the strength of this very bond.

Yes! Men have been permitted to beat their women in specific circumstances, where women cross all their limits and become a lot errant, but that doesn’t mean that they will beat women. It’s is just an option when everything stops working because the objective is nothing else but to save the relation which is too sacred to be broken on any condition and this is also the very answer of the question that why are not women allowed to do the same. Understand that this is not about rights! This is about saving families. The answer to the other famous yet stupid question – i.e. why, if the aim is saving this relation only, rather than men, are not women allowed to beat their men? – is that women have the ability to endure the dominance of men while men cannot tolerate this. This is not an injustice. This is the natural difference in natures of men and women…

… Now it all depends upon the way we think and the choices we make because  the discussion on this topic can never end.

The references have been taken from the famous Tafseer-ibn-Katheer, and a few well-known Hadith books which are Al-Bukhari, Sahi Muslim, and At.Tirmidhi.

A mid-morning significant chaos

Ah! Now it’s been a long time since I wrote anything here… or anything at all. Whenever an idea hits me, I ignore it by giving myself the old same-lame excuses that ‘this is no better idea’, or ‘this is not my thing to write about’, or simply-clearly that ‘I’ve no time at all to write up anything.’

These are not totally invalid excuses because the fact is that I’ve become really bad with ideas. Here comes my big-bad mistake again! I am out of practice actually (a lazy sigh). And literally-truthfully speaking that I have not much free time on my hands. In addition to the can-be-ignored sufferings there comes a cannot-be-ignored suffering that is I am painfully-profoundly ill. Those grey allergies are gnawing once more at me; that rock immune system is slamming down… No! actually it’s dancing around just like the local rattling police (Haha!).

This world was no better place already and the following neither helps it or me much: I’ve been assigned 3 prescription drugs twice a day, another 1 in the mid of the day, nasal spray, nebulizing drugs twice a day, natural medications which, particularly for me, are steam taking and gargles, and worst of all is abstaining from almost all of my favorite food like pizza, biryani, pakora, samosa, spaghetti, french fries, snack, juices, cold drinks, various kind of chaats, chocolates… The never ending list goes on. With all this there is desert-like university where I’ve to spend half of my day mostly useless. This is just as traumatizingly-boringly sad as it sounds.

So, with this, results come: I want to be a world-class writer but I don’t want to write; I want to be a really good student but I don’t want to study, I want to be a perfect friend but I am no longer faithful enough, I want to be a good daughter but I don’t want to do anything for that, I want to be a thoroughly healthy sexy lady but I don’t want to be obedient to doctor. So, I get aggressively-irritatingly tired of everything. My heart goes tired and my soul wretched. No more hopes. All inspirations lost away. Even though the world and everything is not so horribly-terribly bad but some how suddenly it has become that much bad for me. May be this is the sickness symptom or the upshot of the tedious lifestyle .

Then there comes the famous GOD. I am angry with Him one moment, and the other moment I am saying sorry to Him. Seems like I am confused. ‘Aaah! Enough!’ I scream silently, ‘I don’t want to live anymore God because I think I want to meet you now and do nothing else.’ But loving-darling God has nothing to say or rather nothing to show. Seems like He doesn’t even wants me to die… at least not for now… not so soon.

He waits patiently until I am unable to take it any longer and there He comes. It’s not big or utterly inspiring… it’s nothing at all. But what He shows clicks. Clicks my heart at once and I am no longer the whilom being. I feel new, better, and somewhat healthily sexy. That wholly miraculous thing is a post on BookRix by B. He writes:

You wait for marriage, within days excitement is gone.
You wait for Newspaper , in an hour the news is old.
You wait to grow up and enjoy, the youth is gone in no time.

We can deny it but this is the truth.
Exceptions are there of course.

Eww! That is depressing. Not attractive at all. But my not-so-close-but-a-good-friend J.C comments on this post of B which makes the dark clouds shine around me, Her comment says:


You wait for marriage, and within days the adventure becomes more real with the chance to make each coming day better than the last.

You wait for the newspaper, and within an hour you’ve not only caught up on what’s happening, but have gotten a smile from the comics, and are ready to kick back with a lovely cup of tea and the crossword.

You wait to grow up and enjoy, and if you’re determined to remember that anticipation, figure out how to do just that, but with the added bonus of increasing wisdom with each passing year.

This, too, is the truth. :’)

Ah! What a beautiful-delightful change in perspectives! And what a refreshing-sharpening slap to the heart! (Claps for Ms. J.C)

Most of you must be thinking that such a dumb-ass Aruha is to be inspired by such a typical comment on the most shitty depressing post. But just as is the reality of this world, let’s be real serious, is the reality of the reality beyond reality. It’s basically all about the Power of Perspectives.

You cannot live happily if you are the seer of the reality of this world. Seriously, it fucks you up awfully. Let’s take an old example: if you see a bird flying and you believe it’s because of its wings you yourself will never be able to fly because you don’t have wings. On the other hand if you are the seer of the reality beyond reality that means your perspective belongs to the greater degree of reality then you’ll be able to fly higher than the birds because then you’ll believe that it’s not the wings which make the birds fly rather it’s their believe and courage. And if you have these two attributes in you no one can stop you from caressing the sky.

It’s all about how we see things… about perspectives. We need to mould them highly and carefully. This world is a better place, it only takes right eyes to see that.

I am still cheesily-messily sick with a little of my world shattering around me but it’s okay. Just as with every other one, God is also with me – and what else do I think I need? – and I am ready to face this world again. I am no more confused and looking ahead is beautifully enthusiastic.

Well… I think it’s time to say goodbye. Have a miraculous day ahead! And Good Luck with your perspectives (Wink).

And eh! Listen my charming-hard working readers… I am intensely-humbly thankful to you for giving my weird yet sometimes vital words your lovely precious time.

. Bookrix is a really nice website for budding writers. Here goes the link: http://www.bookrix.com/
. For privacy concern I’ve used the initials of the names of those I’ve talked of. 



The gift for screenwriters


I met with FutureLearn about half an year ago. There I did a course called as Start Writing Fiction. I took it immediately even though it was of full 8 weeks because 1. I was free, and 2. I was going through a dark period of writing typically known as ‘Writer’s Block’ and I really wanted to push light upon that weird writing capability of mine. That was not really my first online course but that surely was the first one which I completed and simply, I loved it.

I met a lot of various writers going through various stages of writing with a lot many ideas which shook my mind upside-down. I was like: Arooha! Where the hell have you been all this time?! I mean I felt like a really really small fish in the middle of the whole big ocean with big fishes. But all those big fishes were also beautiful fishes because they wanted me to live and so they enlightened me with hope and clapped as I gave a shot to swimming.

Well, I am not talking about Start Writing Fiction now. You can go the link above and see for yourself what it has to offer. If I felt like I’ll share my experience some other time but, for now, I want to talk about another course on FutureLearn which you can apply for as soon as you read this. It is named as  An Introduction to Screenwriting offered by University of East Anglia. Go to the link, sign up for free, and apply for free. If you want a certificate as a record you need to pay but it’s a choice. Luckily, it is only a 2 week course needing 3-4 hours per week. It started this previous Monday but I could get time today only to study for it and I realized that this course is a gem for screenwriters. The thought which followed that realization was to share it with people whom I could reach. So, here I am…


It is not an easy one but a really interesting one. This course have four great educators who are screenwriters also; plus, there are many students through whom you can learn a lot. Screenwriting is completely different from what we call novel writing or short story writing. The course has to present a lot of brand new material, several videos, and a few activities to get you going. Umm… let me give you an example of an activity:

The educators shared a website named as BlackList where there were 100 written scripts for free download of the films which have been released. They asked us to choose one script of a film which we have watched and one of a film which we haven’t yet watched. We had to read a few pages of both the scripts and analyse them comparatively. Later we had to answer a few of the questions which were about what we felt like and what we gained etcetera etcetera…

I am having a great time learning there; I hope you too find it useful. Those who are not interested in Fiction or Screenwriting can still browse through FutureLearn and find the course of their choice as there are thousand of courses and many fields of study proposed by various renowned universities of the world  on the platform of FutureLearn.

So, Happy learning, good readers! 🙂