“I have brought you a gift!” My dad winked at me.

“And what is it?” I said smiling.

Dad had brought me a couple short story books; one was filled with stories of princesses, and the other was tales of animals.

I chuckled and confirmed if dad had really brought them for ME! And he assured me he had and said that he thought I would love them. I told him that I do love these books as they made me remember my childhood.

I was very little, maybe in second grade, when my uncle used to bring me lots and lots of poetry and story books. They used to be in English and in Urdu too. Not just that he also read me those books and made me remember some of the poems and names of princesses.

When I got a bit bigger, he brought me bigger books full of pictures and words. But soon he got busy with his job and he rarely brought me any book. Once he also gifted me books which were in English and they had Urdu translation with them so I was able to understand those stories more powerfully. I loved all of them.

Books, especially story books, has always been -kind of- my passion. The love for them never abated even when my uncle stopped bringing me books. I used to go to Book Fair which was held every year at my school; that used to be the wonderful Book Fair with lots and lots of books. I remember buying a book from that Book Fair in which was a poem named ‘Jack and Jill’. That book was one of the most beautiful books I possessed, my first pop-up book.

Once, long after I left that school, my mom who teaches there bought ‘The Story Of Rapunzel’ for me. I remember it well and I still have it saved.

For a long long time I never knew that novels existed too so I kept reading story books until once, when I was in 8th grade, I saw a novella for the very first time, surprisingly I was not surprised instead I somehow felt familiar with the book so I asked that boy to give it to me for a day to whom it belonged. He agreed. It was named ‘David Copperfield’.

Then I guess I forgot about this ‘Novel’ thing until in 9th grade I got a chance to read ‘David Copperfield’ again. Later I asked dad if there were any libraries here or any book shops from where I can buy novels and he said that he didn’t know but my uncle, who once brought me loads of books, said he knew an old, small library when I asked him if there were any.

Unfortunately, or say it fortunately, I couldn’t find any satisfying novel so I bought a book named ‘Seven habits of highly effective teens’ by Sean Covey. I loved it! And only then I got to knew that in this world there are writers who write self-help books.

Later in 9th grade a distant friend of mine introduced me to ‘Twilight’ and I bought it. Soon we became close friends.

And then on I started reading novels, one after other. Charlie and the chocolate factory, Matilda, Enid Blayton’s series of famous five, Goosebumps series, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Harry Potter Series, A walk to remember, The Notebook…

In 10th grade, once when I went to stay at my grandparents, I was introduced to my favorite writer ‘Paulo Coelho’. It was again my same uncle to introduce me to him. He came from office with the copy of ‘Alchemist’ and I snatched it from his hand. I didn’t realize his mood was off so he snatched back the book from me. I asked him to give it to me and he said that he won’t. As stubborn as I was I kept asking him for that book but he got angry and scolded me out of his room. Yuck! That was bad but the anger boiling in me made me buy 5 books by Paulo Coelho the very next day.

I read them all, one by one, first Alchemist, and when my uncle came to visit us I showed him all of them and told him that I was not in need of his help anymore. He didn’t say anything but laughed. Later I found myself reading more books by Mr. Coelho…

I am 19 years old now and still read books. These days I am reading ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. The good and greater change is that I write too. I am not a very good or published writer but I write as much as I can and this is what I like to do. I started writing back in 9th grade when I realized that people who are not writers can also write.

I’ve decided to read those stories which my dad has brought me to my youngest brother who is now 10 years old as I very much want to see him a reader as I’ve always been.

Later today I asked my dad that from where he found those books as they were old and used. He told me he bought them in 20 rupees each from an old man he found sitting at the corner of the street with some books. I was astonished and wondered that how beautiful it would look to see an old man on every street corner selling used books in cheapest prices.

There is always something good to learn from each book. Different things influence people and make them. Reading is one of those things. We are not only what we say or eat, we are also what we read. So we should have a good taste in good genres so that we, the readers, turn out to be good people.

Happy Reading to all those who read! 🙂



The Power Of Mind

the power of mind

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This book is designed to teach you that your habitual thinking and imagery mold fashion, and, create your destiny. This eBook contains stuff about the powers of the mind, happiness, wealth, mental healing, and your right to be rich, the power of thoughts and how to use it for attaining achievement. You will also find here stuffs about peace of mind by applying techniques in life; you will attract health, money, success, and happiness.

Health, Wealth, and Happiness are extremely powerful elements. Your desires, attitudes, thoughts, and actions give health, wealth, and happiness a purpose. I hope the matters will motivate, encourage, and help you to improve your life. If you find this training to be inspiring and helpful, which I hope you do, please feel free to share this eBook with your family, friends and colleagues. My only desire is to give everyone the tools to awaken full human potential. Here you will catch simple, functioning skills and procedures that you can simply put on in your daily life.

Look at nature. She is abundant––nay, excessive. Look around. How many knife-edges of grass do you see? How many rough flowers? We live in the midst of luxury. We also know that every aspect of nature is a form of energy. It is a self-motivated flow of power. If you observe any small strategy of nature, this flow is obvious. Seeds shoot, plants grow, flowers blossom, seeds form and fall, and the flow continues. Health, Wealth, and Happiness is no more, no less than an aspect of the same flow of nature’s energy. This is the basic principle of this Path of Study. Health, Wealth, and Happiness is energy. Good energy. Powerful energy. Creative energy. Even though we sometimes deny it; what a rude developing it was to discover that money, not a stage, is the true king-maker! Fund-raisers were hard to establish, and huge donors only required giving to somebody who had already involved big bucks. It was a “catch-22”: no money incomplete you have heaps of money.

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Stay Blessed. 🙂


On Truthfulness

A Momin –true believer is a truthful person. He always speaks the truth. On every circumstance he only speaks the truth. Momin cannot endure the thought of telling a lie or to not manifest the truth.

What is speaking the truth?

It is the union between the knowledge of the man and his words which he utters from his tongue. He speaks only what he knows, never other than that.

On the contrary, lying is that that the knowledge of the man tells him one thing and his tongue speaks of another i.e. the clash between a man’s cognizance and his words.

Truthfulness is one of the most significant aspect of a Momin’s persona. Momin is a consistent individual and it is not righteous for a consistent human being to speak other than truth.

This world created by God is rooted on Truth. Here everything reveals itself the way it genuinely is. Sun. moon, sea, mountains, trees, stars, and planets… all are entrenched on truth. On the face of this extensive world nothing is built on lies by God. There is nothing whose actuality is different but it presents itself in a different countenance.

Briefed above is the attribute of nature which is extended around the globe. Momin, too, is the bearer of the same ethos. He is wholly pure from falsehood and duplicity. A Momin is perfectly truthful. His existence is fashioned with truth, externally and internally.

Speaking truth is not just a policy for a Momin but it is his religion, his belief. Compromising on the subject of truth is not feasible for him. He speaks truth because without it he cannot live. He speaks truth because not speaking truth is denial of his soul and perpetration of any act which negates the soul is not viable for any man.


This is the translation from Urdu of a piece ‘Sach Bolna’ taken from Maulana Waheed ud din Khan’s book namely ‘Islam ka Taaruf’. I haven’t translated it exactly to keep the essence and message of his work. I hope you like it.
I would be sharing more of his works under the tag of ‘Maulana Waheed ud din Khan’. Stay Blessed and keep reading! 




What is NaNoWriMo?

It is the abbreviation for ‘National Novel Writing Month’ which is considered to be the November of every year.


What all we have to do to participate in this is to Sign up on NaNoWriMo website, open Microsoft Word or any other software you use for writing, start writing a novel, and maintain your word count on your NaNoWriMo account on daily basis. Hurrah! You are participating in a novel writing program among millions of other writers.

You don’t have to craft up your novel by editing every single sentence you’re writing and you don’t have to look back, you don’t even have to complete the novel, you don’t have to make sense of anything, and you don’t have to write the best of novels. To win all you have to do is: 1. Start writing a novel, and 2. Write until you reach 50,000 words in the month of November.

Umm… Now to achieve the required word count may seem a bit difficult but each person who writes knows that writing is not difficult, but editing is which you don’t have to do or worry about. All you need to do is go with the flow so that you know you can write and you can achieve. This activity is to make you believe in your dreams once more. It is to judge you, make you a better writer, give you enough courage to be one, and make you see through the skies.

I got to know about this NaNoWriMo thing this November after almost the first week of November was over when a BookRix friend of mine posted about her participation in this. I got curious instantly, Googled it out, and Signed up without thinking that the first week of this was already over. I had no time to waste on deciding the plot of my novel I was going to write so I went on with the idea which I had in my mind since last two years. I didn’t start out with a blank document either but I started with 11,000 words already, and it didn’t feel like I was cheating as the first week was over.

I worked a couple of days in my first week which was the second of NaNoWriMo without a plan of winning; I hadn’t had such a big heart to believe that I would win, and I also worked in my last days of second week which was the third of NaNoWriMo when I encouraged myself to believe that if not 50,000 then I at least I would be able to write 25,000 words to reach half a milestone and that’s when I wrote most of the words but in the third week of mine I lost all my courage and was unable to write even a single word. In the end, I had 18,647 words all in all, and for the month of November 2015 I could only write  7,647 words. I know it appears a bit lousy but at least I know about this NaNoWriMo now and I’m already planning to start and win this campaign in 2016.

The most important thing was beginning to write a novel and I am happy I did that; thank God that I was not afraid to do that because later I got to know that there are many people who dream of becoming writers but they are afraid of NaNoWriMo.

I broke my Writer’s block, I started believing in my capabilities to write, and I met many who were like me. A lot of mails were sent to me encouraging me to write and to never stop, each mail with a quote to shoo away the anxiety I was feeling. Actually, I just loved this experience.

I invite all other people who see themselves as succeeding writers to participate in NaNoWriMo 2016, and I congratulate all the ones who participated whether they achieved the required word count or not as they have already won because at least they tried and was not afraid to do that and if a person can start then he can end the story as well since he is given the power to do that. All we need to do is to believe in ourselves and in our dreams because this makes us a winner right there.

Keep writing and stay blessed!


A Point to Ponder

Last December a great number of students and staff of Army Public School (APS) Peshawar were targeted by a few terrorists. It was one of the very sad happenings in the history of Pakistan.

That time of year I was devoted to my Qur’an studies and the warden of our hostel ushered all the students in the hall and told us about this massacre. She too was very sad and kept wiping her tears as she addressed us then we all prayed for the ones who were killed, and their parents.

When I came to meet my parents after a month, everyone was discussing that issue. Everyone was giving their point of views; some were cursing the terrorists, some were blaming the security, some were too busy to think of anything…

My brother, who studies at APS Hyderabad, told me that they were given a week off as the APS team was scared of any further attack which was easy to expect.

I saw television and it was all over media. Even the talk shows and morning shows were talking about that. Songs were being released. Images of the dead bodies were openly shown on TV.

I felt so sick and I wished that may the people don’t raise this issue so much because it was too much to bear. The world knew it and that didn’t make any good difference.

I went to my hostel again to continue my course. Later when I came back about after 2 months to my home no one talked about it. Everyone was silent. No talk shows. No morning shows. No new songs… as if that topic was now too old to earn good money or to kill your time with.

The whole year passed and now it’s December again; the TV has become alive with that ‘APS Peshawar Attack Programs’. The artists are working to make it prominent all over again. By the 16th of December, which was the date of the attack, the whole media would be bursting about that. Why? Is that because the singers, painters, actors, and others are sad about that attack? I don’t think so, and even if they are I don’t believe that it’s their priority because their priority had always been money and fame.

My brother told me that there will be a whole function considering that issue in our school this year and GOC will be the Chief Guest. The hall will be decorated with the pictures of the dead bodies of students and their mothers crying crazily. Students will perform plays and show how those students were killed and there will be a singer to sing a song for the students and staff who died and everyone will enjoy. Doesn’t this seem heartless? And they call it paying tribute!

My mother was very upset because of this which made me ponder upon this subject. I know these things seem loving and almost everyone does it for the good reasons but what all will we achieve by doing and watching these programs?

I remember that a lady had told in one of the lectures held at my Qur’an school after the attack that she went with her team to Peshawar for a brief survey and realized that most of the parents want to forget about that brutal attack and give love to their other children. She had told that those parents want to live in peace and they want to stop thinking of it as it hurts too much but other people and media doesn’t let them do that. Everyone is too busy in expanding this issue unnecessarily to notice anything.

Should not we be thankful that all the terrorists who were a part of this havoc have been caught by army and half of them had already been executed whereas the other half will be executed this 16th December? One main motto has been fulfilled; the other aim, which all the public has to fulfill, is to pray. So, are we realizing it?

So rather than becoming a part of thoughtless artists and media I want everyone who is reading this to pray for those children and teachers who died that last sad December and also for their parents who suffered a lot that may the martyred children and teachers be given peace and a much better place in heaven than this brutal world; may Allah bestow their parents with patience and their other children with long, healthy, loving, and guided life, and may all the wrongdoers be guided so that this sort of calamity never happen again, not in any part of the world. Amen

Thanks for reading.