On Truthfulness

A Momin –true believer is a truthful person. He always speaks the truth. On every circumstance he only speaks the truth. Momin cannot endure the thought of telling a lie or to not manifest the truth.

What is speaking the truth?

It is the union between the knowledge of the man and his words which he utters from his tongue. He speaks only what he knows, never other than that.

On the contrary, lying is that that the knowledge of the man tells him one thing and his tongue speaks of another i.e. the clash between a man’s cognizance and his words.

Truthfulness is one of the most significant aspect of a Momin’s persona. Momin is a consistent individual and it is not righteous for a consistent human being to speak other than truth.

This world created by God is rooted on Truth. Here everything reveals itself the way it genuinely is. Sun. moon, sea, mountains, trees, stars, and planets… all are entrenched on truth. On the face of this extensive world nothing is built on lies by God. There is nothing whose actuality is different but it presents itself in a different countenance.

Briefed above is the attribute of nature which is extended around the globe. Momin, too, is the bearer of the same ethos. He is wholly pure from falsehood and duplicity. A Momin is perfectly truthful. His existence is fashioned with truth, externally and internally.

Speaking truth is not just a policy for a Momin but it is his religion, his belief. Compromising on the subject of truth is not feasible for him. He speaks truth because without it he cannot live. He speaks truth because not speaking truth is denial of his soul and perpetration of any act which negates the soul is not viable for any man.


This is the translation from Urdu of a piece ‘Sach Bolna’ taken from Maulana Waheed ud din Khan’s book namely ‘Islam ka Taaruf’. I haven’t translated it exactly to keep the essence and message of his work. I hope you like it.
I would be sharing more of his works under the tag of ‘Maulana Waheed ud din Khan’. Stay Blessed and keep reading!